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2012 June 26 Tue Breezing into The Czech Republic   

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Woe there big fella!

The rolling train continued with no slowdown in sight--traveling with Eric Dufour and his wife Elisabeth Geurin, having a blast. They're interactions alone are worth the price and boy does Elisabeth pack a schedule--I'm just hangin' on.

I'm sitting on the 2nd floor of an unfinished bed-and-breakfast here in Brno (yes, Vanna, they'd like to buy a vowel). Earlier, cruising down the highway, we were drooling over a gorgeous countryside and listening to it's call to flight. This place is gorgeous. Rolling hills have just the right amount of interloping ridges to make it really interesting. Tomorrow we visit Axis paragliders in the morning then Nirvana in the afternoon. Of course I'm hoping like crazy to mooch a ride on one of Nirvana's latest propellants -- my camera is charging as we speak.

The reason it's so dead is because today was our only tourist day and I couldn't resist capturing it. Jack Kimble, his brother-in-law Alfie, Eric, Elisabeth and I spent the entire day checking out Prague. How incredibly beautiful. This, by the way, is every bit as first world as anywhere I've been and is a lot cleaner than many places.  Graffiti is a problem outside of the touristy areas but no more than many other big cities. Catch those little miscreants and put them on work details cleaning that stuff up.

Alfie, at 82 years old, is more lively than some 40 year olds I've encountered, and a great chap to hang out with. He ambles along kinda slow, helped by his cane, but we had no idea as to his endurance until our "bus tour" turned out to be a walking tour. A SIX HOUR walking tour. Well, ok, there was a river cruise and lunch in there but still he was a trooper. We all had a great time and I enjoyed learning about this remarkable place. Traveling convinces me more and more that people are the same everywhere. There are rude ones, nice ones, gracious ones, etc. City life tends to make people less tolerant of their elbowmates and the nicest people populate rural areas--they haven't been jaded by humanity's less savory sorts who get concentrated in big cities. Just like everywhere else. Culture plays its part, obviously, but the variance is universal.

1. Racing around Prague, Eric, Elisabeth and I nearly lost the tour group several times after getting sidetracked.
2. Eric, Jack, and Alfie pose in front of the main square where a "Velvet Revolution"
earned Czech Republic's (then Czechoslovakia's) independence.
3. Alfie races towards his seat on the River Cruise. 4. Settling in.
5. The communist museum nestled between a McDonalds and a casino.
6. This chapel's construction spanned 600 years!


After Axis we plan on spending the evening and morning with Nirvana. That's good because I hope to try out their latest and see the factory. I didn't fly any of their stuff at Basse Ham because I planned on having more opportunity here. I'll be taking lots of pictures and video. Sadly I don't have my helmet cam but, if they have some gaffers tape and a coat hangar, look out. Even if we can't fly it will be utterly fascinating to see how wings are made and how these guys build their paramotors. All the more reason to make sure my camera is readied.

On Thursday, after Nirvana, we go to Sky gliders, then MacPara to finish out my portion. Eric and Elisabeth will drop me off at Prague airport on Friday so, unfortunately, I won't get to see Walkerjet. I originally planned on it but we got our times confused and I won't be able to. Bummer. But Elisabeth has promised me a report with pictures. (You can see her Blog on Paratour.com).

I'm also working on writing reviews. I do apologize to those whose motors I've flown and haven't finished. I'll probably have some time on the flight home and have already sehd two on the engines I've flown and haven't gotten around to writing about.

Elisabeth posing for her brides camera touch.

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