Last Christmas & Lake Whales Visit

2013-May-14 Visit with Eric Dufour, Phil Russman, Shane Denherder, Jeff Toll, & Eric Farewell

My last few visits have been a blast in FL. I suppose it's like this in many endeavors--but the passionate people of paramotoring are a truly wonderful bunch to hang around with and this group is no exception.

Eric Dufour is one extremely talented, motivated and energetic pilot who is unusual in an interesting way. While most folks talk about what they can do in spite of their age, Eric just does it. He drives harder than anyone out in the field and I've had plenty of opportunity to watch while working with him on the videos. He's teaching then doing flying scenes for me in between student flights or while they're kiting. Make no mistake, teaching is his priority, but when conditions get too strong for training, as they always do, he LOVES putting on a show and does it with grace and skill.

These last visits I wanted to film energy-management landings from various perspectives. These power off landings have you swoop in, kicking a bunch of cones before touching the ground. It requires precise control of energy. I'll wind up showing the technique through animation because it's so incredibly clear, but I'll also show it in live action--it's instructive and fun to watch, especially from different views. As with all the advanced techniques, I show show exactly what the techniques are but the most valuable part is revealing ways to practice. We don't learn skills from watching a video, we learn them from practicing. But knowing the techniques and how to practice them can dramatically speed up the progress.

On the most recent visit Tim Kaiser and I filmed a BUNCH of these landings. We also did a cross country with Marty, Rob, and Marco. That was the first time I'd flown any distance north of Route 50, the main East/West road nearby. What a hoot. It got bumpy on the second half.

I also flew the Air Conception Ultimate 130 some more and marvel at how much push it serves up for it's measly 46 pounds.

Lake Whales

Went to test fly the Scout Paramotor and generally have some flying fun.

This video says it all...



Phil churns it up over the St. Johns River.



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