09/27/2013 Naperville to Florida

Most people who know me know how much I hate the cold. The Enterprise is, and has been, my escape since the first, a Rialta, launched on Jan 1, 2002.

Finally it looks like it's gonna happen. Tim & I  are currently southbound to Florida in search of a new place to live where chilly means 55 degrees and shoveling is something you do at a beach. Of course it would be good to live on an airport but I must still drive to Orlando (MCO) for work. So we're considering many, many possibilities, ALL of which have enough room to  launch PPG's from. Not just any launch, but one that even Tim, who is pickier than I, will launch from.

Moving sucks

The thought of schlepping 18 years worth of accumulation is daunting. It's up there with eating Broccoli. That's why I'm selling or donating stuff that I haven't used in years.

Looking for a house is fun in many regards but is also extremely time consuming, especially given our weird requirements. Explaining this stuff to the various real estate folks is amusing. I'm mostly trying to use the listing agents from each property. I like Zillow.com's presentation but Realty.com is far more accurate.

On The Way

We're driving, driving, driving. Tim is at the helm as he has for most of the trip. I'm in the back doing various things on the computer including working on the Airspace Video. This is gonna be fun.

In all my years of driving I've never been in a really serious Interstate traffic snarl. Yesterday popped my cherry when just a mile or so ahead, unbeknownst to us, a semi met its fiery demise near Monteagle, TN, bringing both lanes to a halt on eastbound I-24.

We parked. Once it was clear nothing was going to be moving, people started piling out of their cars. Highway tailgating. I donned my skates and headed towards the cause, keeping an eye out behind me for emergency vehicles. We were basically at an overpass so I skated up to snap a picture then headed back. Timing was perfect because, just as I returned the traffic started moving.

Back to being useful now, tomorrow we start looking at possible homes. The most likely candidate being on an airport but we'll see.


Standing on an overpass to I-24 Eastbound with Tim and the Enterprise behind me.

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