Monument Valley

10/13/2013 Western Respit

My wing arrived!!! Of course you didn't know what that's all about but yesterday, standing at the baggage carousel, I awaited my wing. And waited. Eventually it became obvious that my voodoo was nowhere near powerful enough to materialize that wing. It's the Viper 18 that I had to grovel to get specially made since it was the previous year's design and too small to boot. These don't  sit "in stock" anywhere so it's not like I can just buy another. This is the price I pay to be scrawny.

My baggage ratio isn't that good although I've always gotten it eventually and this is no exception. My way of travel is an amazing benefit, don't get me wrong, but it's not all sugar and reversibles.

Kudos to Orlando Baggage for bringing it curbside so I could pick it up in the Enterprise.


What a spectacular place. It was gorgeous just being there even though my flights were all very short. I arrived Thursday night and, apparently, didn't miss anything but wind and rain. Friday, on the other hand, was gorgeous. Launching uphill with variable winds made for some really amusing efforts.

Paul Anthem gets credit for the most impressive and barely averted disaster. I just knew he was going to plow into the parked airplanes at full speed but he had it under control and stopped on his feet. It's even more impressive when you realize that he left a shower of titanium sparks along the runway.

I would have done a long flight but it was just too darn cold for me. 39F is well below my minimum operating temperature. Turns out that was a good thing because the motor partially seized and I wound up having to shoehorn my gliding self in between launching pilots on the ensuing landing.

Tried the MacPara Pit Bull and liked the initial feel but I've got to do some real testing to see how fast it is and how it's handles light winds.

I also flew the Ozone ultralight. Wow. Just wow. Everybody was doing forwards and this thing allowed me to easily do a reverse and even to kite it in the very light wind. It flies like a well-designed beginner wing. The risers can double as shoe laces.

I flew my Viper 18 a few times and boy was that a fast run. At least it was uphill.

Kibitzing & Watching

Mo Sheldon did a tandem with his pooch. That was fun to watch. Both seemed thoroughly enjoy it.

This was probably the largest crowd by half but I'll let Joe pass judgment on that. It's not a good spot for a lot of people and, judging from the amount of aborts, it's a very, very difficult place to launch. Nobody did anything more than scrape skin but there were shards. Even John Fetz won't be reviving these props.

A last minute cancellation meant that I had my own room. That was a nice surprise although I barely used the room, it seems. I really enjoyed catching up with Chad & LeAnn, and Joe and Dawn. They're just wonderful people to be around.


I needed to get to PHX by 8:30am the next morning so I bugged out Sat after the BBQ and drove in hour long spurts in between naps. It wasn't actually that bad especially since there were plenty of places to pull off. Driving tired is the same risk as driving drunk so I try REALLY hard to always pull off when the sleepies hit.

All in all a great time. I had planned on being out there with the Enterprise but that plan changed because Tim & I are moving to FL and decided to take the motorhome down there to look for houses. We found one.

On one of my Friday flights I snuck my phone out and snapped this one off. I was recording video at the time.

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