Moving To FL

10/14/2013 Taking the Plunge | Moving & Airspace Video

I want real bugs, the kind that come with payload placards. You find those in FL. Hey, they have flying cockroaches.

Plus, as anyone who knows me, and is tired of hearing, I hate the cold. I hate flying in it. I hate skating in it. I hate getting back from work in it. And I hate dressing up in a space suit to get my mail. I've always hated it. But I've loved where I live and have dreaded puking out a move.

Tim finally provided the push needed to act and we now have a contract on a house with all contingencies met. This place is at Flanders Field (4FD7) on 8 acres with a grass runway and plenty of room to clear a PPG launch, if necessary. But there's a 2200 foot grass runway with a 400 foot overrun right out the front yard and they're OK with paramotors and helicopters. In fact, our neighbor to the south not only flies helicopters, but runs a business where they do annuals on helicopters.

It's on a lake so we may may get to enjoy our very own alligators, too. I may have to take up kayaking as another form of exercise although paranoia means I'll probably do it armed. Probably with a .45. Yes, yes, I realize the chances of actually encountering an alligator are pretty low but there's something about being just a meal to these things. The gun also shoots .410 rounds which are good for snakes. Or so I'm told.

I'll miss my compatriots in IL but am looking forward to sharing air with the Florida folks. Year round. Did I mention how little I like the cold?

If something happens with this property we have one in mind that is NOT on an airport but has lots of launch room.

We close on Nov 1st, 2013 and hope to get moved within a couple months. I'll be based in Orlando starting December 1st so the move will happen probably in that month or a month later.

We also plan on doing a bunch of work to the Polk City place if we get it, expanding it into a useful base of operations for Airhead Creations (FootFlyer). I'll soon face the prospect of needing to inventory up to 5000 DVD's and 4400 books simultaneously along with eventual entry into the general aviation market. We'll see. Either way, it'll be nice to have an easily paramotorable launch in either direction that's comfortable for anyone. Tim is a bit less willing to fly out of tight spaces and he likes this one.

Another future possibility is clearing a better paramotor launch. It's 8 acres most of which is dry. The peninsula gets swampy with a lot of rain or a high lake but that can be a climbout area. A bush hog treatment during the dry (well, dryER) season would be enough. You can tell it's been done before.

One consequence of moving is that I have a half-share of a hang glider trike for sale for $2900. It's this Cosmos Soaring trike hangared at Cushing Field near Oswego, IL. And a Blackhawk 172 paramotor for $2900.

So it looks like this will be my last winter in the freezer.


You'll never find the place on Google Earth since the address shows as the airport's road. So here it is.

Kitchen. I can store a lot of videos in here.

This 29 mile smooth skating path is a hundred yards from our front door. I typically skate every day the weather is nice.

It's a stable but has an enclosed, finished two-room office area. It'll store a few book pallets no doubt.

The living area.

Front from driveway.


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