10/19/2013 Thoughts on Floating Things

While cruising on a cross country, just taking in the sights below, I flew by a seed. It appeared then I passed in a few seconds time. It reminded me anew how we are granted an experience in 4 dimensions--able to wander to the where and when largely of our choosing. What an amazing capability. What an amazing time to be alive. Maybe in another hundred years there will be something that utterly dates this way of flying but I wonder if it will be rewarding.

Ever since my early flights this has been a cool little slice of wow--having floating seeds, spiders, bags or whatever amplify the 3Dness of it all.

Flying over the ground is great but it's also flying through the air. I've said it before, those with the strongest itch enjoy both the view and being craftsmen of motion. We get an additional thrill: being in the medium--much like scuba divers who are interact with their medium. Being able breath without aid is a bonus.

It's also handy that we're not quite fast enough to eat insects. Unlike motorcycles, we get all the benefits of exposure with fewer of the displeasures.

Lastly, another fun thing to do is to fly alongside the road, cruising at the same height as you would be while riding a bicycle, then peeling off a pull of brake and squeeze of throttle. So much fun.

Enjoying our particular brand of 3D coolness.

2015 Jeff Goin   Remember: If there's air there, it should be flown in!