Going Postal

10/24/2013 Thoughts on Shipping

After returning from a week-long Enterprise trip, Tim noticed a post office pink slip in the mail pile with a cryptic note "you owe us $22". Nothing about why, just the amount. Hmmm. Maybe I didn't put proper postage on an order. That's not inconceivable, I ship probably 20 boxes/envelopes per week.

I took it in to the post office with some other goodies and showed them the slip. She said "hmmm" and returned with a trashed medium flat rate box. I went to open it and she said no, you have to pay first. By this time I recognized the box. 

It was a package that was sent from a FL post office while Tim & I were on an Enterprise trip. It was going to a paramotor school in South Africa, a fairly regular destination for PPG books and videos. There was an invoice inside which is how they even discovered my address.

Move back to the day before this happened: I got an email from the customer in South Africa asking about the box which showed as being sent to a sort facility (or something like that) but nothing else. Where did it go? Now I know!

So they ripped the label off through rough handling, sent ME a bill just to get my damaged shipment back, and expected that I should pay *ANOTHER* $60 to ship it to where it should be in the first place. Amazing.

Thankfully, the postal person knows me well and recognized this as bullshit soon after. She made it right and we repacked with yet more tape and shipped it out again. Sharon is an angel. She's also a remarkable woman who looks to be 45 years old but is over 60. It really does pay to always treat people with respect. I know there are times when that's tough, but it's still the best bet.

Anyway, i've learned some lessons on international shipping and will be duly adjusted.

Here's to Tim Kaiser's assumption of FootFlyer's business duties.

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