Inaugural Flight

11/04/2013 Breaking in the New Place | New Place | Moving & Airspace

The new home of FootFlyer has been properly broken in now. In spite of many things to do and a windy afternoon forecast, I put the Flander's Field runway to good use. Love my neighbors. Mike, his wife and daughter came out to watch and, don't you know, it was the 5 year old who commented "I want to do that!". Mike does, too.

What a great launch. 300 feet wide and 2500 feet long this is paramotor perfection in light winds. Being surrounded by trees will have its challenge in stronger winds but I hope to be done with emergency takeoffs.

The best thing is that nobody has any grief about my unusual craft so, as long as I don't bother the exotic animals across the lake I should be OK.

I didn't fly for long since we had so much to do but it was nice just getting up from there. It's way better for paramotor than our Naperville place was since the grass runway is now just a quick stroll out the front door.

Florida Whirlwind

In the afternoon I wound up with a nasty headache -- probably due to bad caffeine management since I went cold turkey. But now I'm 100% making up for lost time, seeing as how I'm writing this at 2AM. We got on the road for a whirlwind FL tour, heading first to my parents then to Paul Czarnecki on Pine Island then finally a couple days at Wings over Winter near Lake Whales.

It's November. The forecast is for highs in the 80's. Man am I gonna like not writing off 8 months of the year. Gonna miss family, though, since I now have brothers and their families to irritate in Chicagoland but at least they'll have yet another place to visit in FL.

Neighbor Mike watched, likely in amusement, as I launched this strange looking craft. The new home of Footflyer is behind the trees to the left.

Tim captured the joy of the moment as I slid by on one pass. It was cool realizing this easy launch and runway will be our future home.


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