Welcome To FL

11/11/2013 The Non PPG Snake

We're  not moved in yet so the place is vacant but we're parking the Enterprise just outside until construction is done on the additions.

After the "Whirlwind" tour we arrived back at the house Tim went into the "Florida Room" only to find this fellow. Getting him to slither to the ruler was tough. Click on caption description to see it full size.

Our neighbors, Steve and Debra, were there with us when we discovered him. No doubt they were impressed with my snake handling skills. Tim got the whole thing on his phone and I'll get that video up on YouTube soon. I got my snake stick out and moved him outside.

No doubt it's the highly venomous Water Moccasin. How it got into the house is certainly a mystery. You can get an idea of his size when you realize that each tile is 12 inches. Click here to see a full size picture of the snake in the house.


This fellow was waiting on us when we arrived home. Using the ruler as a guide he must be a good 7 feet long when all stretched out. Click here to really see  it at full scale.

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