It's Just Money

12/16/2013 But it's Heaven For Powered Paragliding & More

4 Acres of swamp is the cheapest thing here. If it hasn't broken yet that's probably because it hasn't been turned on or used.

Paramotor pilot and house building champ Jim Yeager is helping Tim & I with an expansion and remodel of the new place to get it ready for action. Namely, housing our cars, flying things, and up to 10 pallets of FootFlyer product. Right now we don't even have a garage.

One thing we got largely done is landscaping. We just couldn't stand it any more so Dale of New Dimensions went to work. He removed trees as needed for expansion as well as much needed landscaping. It looks awesome. Kudos to Dale. It feels good to get that done.

When it's all complete there is even a pool that should be good for test paramotor auto-inflation devices.

Everything needs work but it's coming along slowly. Starting January the pace will pick up and our lives will be further uprooted. Tim & I will be taking a lot of Enterprise trips during the thick of it all.

It's so nice for paramotor flying -- 200 by 2000 feet of launchable grass sits 80 feet from the hangar. Temptation is a problem. Every time I walk out and it's calm there is this call of the air. "No, dammit, I've got work to do!". Yesterday I was using the paramotor to blow debris out of the hangar. Afterwards I set it out by the runway--just in case. That was Jim's fault because he had mentioned flying earlier. We did manage to get two flights in before rain showers set us down.

The good part about summer is that afternoon generally means thunderstorms by noon or so. That ought to allow getting plenty of work done especially since we'll want to escape the relentless heat. I'll bet there are a lot of nice mornings, though, if you're willing to rise with Sol.

Fixing Up

We went to get permits for the additions and renovations but, unsurprisingly, the first whack didn't work. I'd hoped for better but it turns out not as bad as I thought. And it was a good example of government being reasonable. The big showstopper was a hangar addition that will allow the helicopter to come and go without moving the plane. It was denied because it made the hangar too big for residential. That is, of course, ridiculous given that it matches the character, use, and size of every other hangar out there even AFTER expanding. The permit folks were just doing their job by initially denying but now it appears that they will do the right thing and grant an exception.

Government workers get derided all the time but I have encounter quite a few that don't deserve their stereotype. Remind to share the GOES story sometime.

Anyway, Jim will take another crack at getting the permits after incorporating the changes and hopefully we'll have it taken care of in time to start work by early January. Then I'll get to find even more places to spend money while enjoying PPG Paradise.

Can't wait.



OK, so it's a bit of a money pit but there's something really cool about turning the place into your own personal paradise. I've now launched the Bonanza to the South, fueled up at Winter Haven, flew over Chalet Suzanne (where Eric Farewell hosts Wings Over Winter), toured Disney, then landed back at home.

It's all new to me so I realize the novelty will wear off but being able to fly so readily in December, with so few restrictions, is sweet.  Back in Chicago I was surrounded closely by towered airports and topped by O'Hare's B airspace. Here I'm much farther from all that.

2015 Jeff Goin   Remember: If there's air there, it should be flown in!