Taking Stock

12/24/2013 What a Time We've Got

I love the new airline rules allowing electronics use from gate to gate. Sadly, my monster "laptop" blasts past the two pound weight limit, thus relegating it to underseat prison during takeoff and landing. I better finish this shortly. But my music and reader are out whenever I want!

We're descending into Orlando and I'm in 17A on a deadhead from Baltimore. I pulled away from wordsmithing the airspace video for a moment of pondering the view. An ocean view, it turns out, as this arrival takes us East of Jacksonville.

We're so spoiled in so many ways. It's sad that the experience around flying is so maligned which makes it easy to forget how incredible the flying is. In the billion+ years it's taken life to reach this capability we're only now just arriving. How cool. Let alone the coolness of paramotoring.

So here I was, in pressurized comfort, reclined, sliding along over an expanse of ocean below at 400+ mph. It was an angry ocean, too, with whitecaps biting and frothing in what had to be a strong wind. They must have been big given my distance above them. I'm glad I wasn't down there. Then a small airplane appeared much, much lower. He was little more than a white spec whose outline was barely discernible. Don't have an engine failure, I thought -- even a life raft won't be fun in those seas.

His presence is what moved me to take stock of our incredible fortune to be doing what we do--fly. I doubt many readers of this don't fly so I think it's safe to say that we all enjoy that passion. And this was in an airliner--something that has become mere transport. The coolness of our personal little flying machines is off the charts in comparison. Of course I wouldn't want to do Charlotte - Orlando in one.

It was just one of those moments that exposed how incredible is this fleeting thing we call life, and let me revel in my participation in it. Yes, I might only get a couple dozen more years but today is the youngest I'll ever again be. It's nice to take stock in the simple things sometimes.

Just a passenger enjoying the view from 17A, taking stock of how life really is amazing.

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