Getting Killed Legally

02/23/2014 About Driving

Mostly I write about flying risk. And while flying is more dangerous than driving, we drive a LOT more. It's so routine that it's forgettable--at least you or a loved one gets nailed.

Unapparent Risk

Tim Kaiser was pulling out of our residential street to go right on the very busy State Route 33. He'd looked left and right, let off the gas but, just before accelerating looked right again and saw it.

A northbound vehicle was passing a northbound semi-truck that was accelerating slowly from the lower speed limit in Polk City. Everybody was within the law but the passing vehicle pulled out between the time Tim looked right to when he was about to pull out. Another second and it would have been catastrophe.

I'm glad he called me to warn me so that I could be more aware. I wanted to share it in clear fashion so I took time away from animating to do so. The graphic is at right.

Now off to my risky skating and flying. Unfortunately good weather has interrupted my work on the Airspace video.

Another Way

Yet another way to get ground up is when making a left turn into Conley (or any other road). You've got your blinker on while slowing down. Look in your rearview mirror because the vehicle BEHIND the guy behind you may try to pass not realizing that there's a left turner. He may be in the wrong but you'll be wearing his engine. Ugh.

OK, enough of this driving stuff. Just wanted to point these out since we now live on a very busy country road with lots of fast traffic. I should probably take the plane whenever I can.

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