California Fly-Fest

April 19, 2014 through April 27 was a flightful period

I was going out to hang gliding. And so it was. There's more on the Hang Glider Log but this a mixed fun trip where I did some paragliding as well as hang glider training. During the session with John Heiney, I met fellow hang glider and airline pilot John Irlbeck. He's much farther along in the training process but we enjoyed exchanging stories about our various escapades combining airline flying with this type of fun flying.


I think this was another fellow who was hang gliding from Blossom that day.


John Heiney is trying 'splain me something using the mountain type chalk board.

This was a trip with multiple missions of flight. One was enjoying Torrey Pines with some of the Ohio boys. What a hoot.


Landing after a hang glider soaring flight.

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