End Of An Era

May 1995 to July 2, 2014

A lot of life has transpired under this roof and today it belongs to someone else. I enjoyed family, my neighbors, the facility, extraordinary convenience while being only yards from a prairie preserve. It's been a slice of heaven.

But I've always hated the cold. And to me cold is anything below about 70 degrees which puts probably 9 months out of the year out of reach for outdoor stuff. I realize that's really limiting but that's just me. I've complained about winter ever since I realized there were places that winter didn't touch. Then, when Tim started pushing, it was too much.

It was the closing from hell starting with the time. I was told 830AM then, when the buyer did his walkthrough the day before, he said it had been changed to 1030. I called my attorney and, no, they knew nothing about that change so, as far as he knew it would was on for 830AM. No problem. Tim & I are living in the Enterprise so it doesn't really matter where it sits, that's home. So we went downtown Naperville and I showed up at the appointed time.

In the office we start going through paperwork, draining ink at breakneck speeds. The attorney brings up a complication. There is an open mortgage from 1995. It was paid off years ago but not recorded with the county. Oh boy. Plus the survey had not come in.

I'll spare the details but the result finally ended up in a sale with the survey coming in at 5pm.

It sold for 400k minus 5k allowance for items found in the inspection. That's under market but every month we held the place was costing $1400. It was in great need of updating and a real estate agent suggested we list it for $399k and do at least $5k worth of improvements. After her commission that would meant $375 minus the $5k worth of allowances so I'm OK with how it went down.

They got a great deal on a house that they can improve to their own taste and we get to move on quickly. Win win.

It's kind of sad and a relief at the same time. We're now adrift in our own home, Tim & I will be living in the Enterprise for probably 3 weeks, hoping that the FL home will be done enough to move back into. Off we go!


2015 Jeff Goin   Remember: If there's air there, it should be flown in!