San Bernardino - Marshal / Crestline

10-18-2015 Photos by Tim Kaiser & Myself (Crestline is the upper hang glider launch)

Marshal is one of America's most reliable soaring site. Unfortunately for us it was taking a couple days off. Flyable but not soarable. Thankfully, on arrival day I caught a ride up with instructor Jerome Faoust.

It was cool to meet Jerome because in 2001, when I started working on the first PPG Bible, his website was one that I referenced a fair amount. Mostly because he had articles from highly experienced, respected pilots.

My flight was brief since the clouds were just above launch and coming down. A Brazilian girl launched a normal sized beginner wing in front of me and promptly disappeared in the clouds.

"Uh oh" we thought.

Thankfully, she spiraled out with tolerable clearance and we resumed breathing. Going into clouds like that has proven fatal.

I was on an 18 meter reflex wing (my oldish Viper). As soon as I launched, I went to neutral trim and half speedbar. Even with all the lift it was no problem.

Had a smooth ride down, worked some lift off the lower hills, and landed on the cone. Oh that felt good! Of course it's easy since there were essentially no thermals.

Marshal is amazing. The next morning I started out for the 750 but only made the 350 for a quick sled ride to miss the cone this time. Overall a fun two days.



I wanted to make the 750. I really did. But at least I found the pond and hammock! (see above).



2015 Jeff Goin   Remember: If there's air there, it should be flown in!