Paraliding *AND* Hang Gliding

2015-10-20 Refresher | Hang Glider Log

"Did you mean to do that?" he asked.

Willy Dydo thought I hit turbulence because I did a low level S turn. Don't do that. This is why sound, conservative training is so valuable. I'm basically flying it like a paraglider not even realizing how much risk that incurs at my level of experience.

What a hoot, though.

Pictures below including our trip to WeHo (West Hollywood).

Chad and Leanne were gracious hosts, letting us dock the Enterprise in their driveway.
What a beautiful house! And that view? Those windows must be 8x6'.
Tim and Chad are inducing the black awakeness (coffee).


While Chad was above, tickling the tops of thermals, I flew down and kited up, flew down and kited up. Flew down... Yeah, that again. And probably 4 more times, trying in vain to join him. I was actually on Tim's wing (Spice 22) for most of the tries so I can't cry about my 18 meter competition wing.



This was hang gliding day. While I went for newbie baffoonomics, Tim took some sled runs down the hill, trying his hand at soaring the tiny bubbles. Nobody stayed up this morning.


The dog's had their driver (Chad Bastian) stop to watch my landings with some trepidation.


Willy Dydo of Fly Away Hang Gliding guides me through a bunch of hill flights. He's fun to work with and I learned a lot. Every landing was on my feet, mostly because this huge, slow glider would put grandma down gently. Hang glider log.


2015 Jeff Goin   Remember: If there's air there, it should be flown in!