West Hollywood

2015-10-20 Parking and Skeptics

LOVE West Hollywood. We headed south from Santa Barbara to visit some friends there and leave the next day. While checking flights it dawned on me we were leaving Friday--we had another day!!!

So we stayed the night parked uphill and tilted 30 degrees (or so it seemed) while the town rolled on around us. Sidewalks definitely don't roll up here.

That meant enjoying another day here. First off, I love their company, these guys are fellow fanatics about critical thinking and reliable knowledge. They've been involved for years in organizations helping to spread reason, rational thinking, and taking a bite out of stupid. I always learn.

DJ is showing interest in powered paragliding but his partner, Thomas, is leery. We have to face facts, paramotoring is roughly as risky as motorcycle riding. Of course we all have to make our own choices but my hope is to provide materials to make informed choices. Educate rather than regulate. Regulation has its place but not in this type of endeavor.

Here are some highlights.

This was distracting. How am I supposed to work on a computer so much gorgeousness passing by?
Tim had the 72" movie playing on our windscreen.


What in blue blazes is this? It's not roots, I would guess it's some kind of bark crawling down the wall.
West Hollywood (abbreviated "WeHo" even by the city) is VERY attentive to appearances. Not surprisingly, it's quite tidy.


Tim & I just can't NOT watch.


Thomas, DJ, Tim & Jeff hiking up the Runyon Canyon Trail.
"We're not taking a 'break', we're stopping to savor the scenery" - code phrase
to assuage our psyche when tired muscles complained too much.
That's the Hollywood sign behind us. These guys were a blast.
Thanks for the hospitality! (and the parking pass.)




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