A Day With Ozone at GDC

2015-12-02 (added 02/18/2016) Fun was nearby. I came to play. Photos by Travis Burns, Don Jordan

World Champion Alex Mateo doesn't stay on the ground long. Here he's taking his little Slalom wing for another raucous ride.


It was quite the gathering.


Former Widebody Airline Captain Don Jordan, still foot launching in his 80th year of life, and showing off an innovative windsock holder.


Emilia helped me out while trying all the fun new stuff. She's a pleasure to be around.


Eric Farewell towing Ozone's acro pilot Cade up with his new high-end payout winch.


Talking with their film guru, Ron.



Flying one slow aircraft over another. I frequently talk about the paramotor as being the world's slowest aircraft but, alas, the helicopter and balloon do win there.



The Spider was a new release from Ozone using lightweight fabric. Nice handling, super easy launching, some small amount of sacrifice in durability depending on how you use it.


Ozone 2015 Mojo

The new Mojo is their lightweight, super easy inflating beginner wing.



Pap has come out with a paramotor airbag harness as an option for their motors. That's really cool and I hope other motor makers start offering the same thing. It's built much like free flight versions. The air can escape fast enough so you can still get the seat to go mostly flush against the frame it doesn't impeed your running. Check out the launching pic above.



2015 Ozone Spyder

Nice handling, spry, with the super lightweight fabric.


Travis Burns is a photographer, flyer of many things, former Coast Guard, etc., and he helped me get some pictures. The better ones are probably his.

GDC, also known as "the Compound" is an aviation friendly area where miles of residential roads were put in during some boom years but didn't take off. Eventually, no doubt, it will, but for the time being it's a great place to play with the air. So I flew "Ellie" over.

That's quite a cruise from where Tim & I live near Lakeland but it's a lot faster than driving!

I was told that some people land their airplanes here but I would be reluctant to do that with a Bonanza.

2015 Jeff Goin   Remember: If there's air there, it should be flown in!