Under The Bridge

2015-12-06 San Diego Motoring
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Jeff Hamann knows people. That's why we were launching from a cement factory.

Inflate, run down the road, turn right before the row of power lines, turn left to parallel the only engine-out option available, and climb up high enough to allow returning to your tinyish launch spot. I wouldn't make a practice out of launching here since there are some points where, lets face it, the engine just has to run--a trade in risk vs versatility.

There aren't a lot of places in San Diego you can paramotor so when someone offers up one of their hard-won sites it's really cool and this flight was worth it.

Jeff had secured the requisite permissions, including Brown Field which was only a mile or so north of the route, so as long as we stayed below a few hundred feet we could play at will along a strangely unpopulated route that goes from San Diego Bay to the mountains.

Phil Russman was flying his video camera and captures some really fun footage.

The water park was dry with nary a soul in sight. Even in San Diego, apparently, Summer time is when it happens. This is Tim coming in for a closer look. All though you can't see them, there were hundreds of cars in the parking lot, no doubt awaiting their turn on someone's showroom.

Some frolic around the quarry before making the final bridge assault.

Now you get a sense of scale. It's really cool, and a bit spooky, flying with concrete above you! Even if the concrete is 100 feet above you. Airplane folks will look at this and think it's illegal. It's not. We have no 500' minimum rule as an ultralight, posed no danger to anybody on the bridge and flew so as to avoid scaring motorists, most of which likely had no idea we were there.

Formation flying while Phil shoots video of Tim. I've seen the footage and it's incredible. Jeff Hamann is leading the pack.


Tim looks at San Diego in the distance. We flew the entire flight over an open area that goes from San Diego bay to the desert but, as you can see, dense city abutted left and right.

What an incredible trip to share with your human. Glowing in the afterlight of flight.

Thanks Jeff Hamann for letting us taste a small piece of his dessert.


Thanks Phil for helping put together such a fun visit.


Phil behind Jeff (also known as Jefe). We're on the way back to our launch site where Tim and I landed but Jeff and Phil went to the Salt Flats for what turned out to be some really cool shots. Should have gone.


2015 Jeff Goin   Remember: If there's air there, it should be flown in!