Impromptu Gathering & Olympic Training Center

2015-12-06 Phil Russman's Gathering at Otay Mesa, San Diego, CA  
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That's quite the group!

Phil Russman put together an impromptu gathering of San Diego paramotorists and we tore it up just outside of Brown Field's "D" airspace. GREAT to see and fly with these guys.

The site we used was Otay. It's private land abutting the Mexican border with an enormous prison complex to the north, a busy GA airport to the west, mountains to the east and neighborhoods well north. There's a greenway, though, that you can fly to the coast.

One of the locals flies by on his Air Conception.

Phil Russman flying like he's filming JC Perren, importer of the Kangook.

Tim Kaiser with Mexico behind him.

JC Perren tickling the dust.

Jeff Goin trying to avoid looking silly in a teardrop-shaped helmet while trying out Aerolight's new paramotor.

Jeff Hamann alights with style on his homebuilt machine.

Back at the Bridge but this time from the other side. Jeff Hamann proceeded to go down to slalom the supports.

Jeff Hamann going for the industrial look

I didn't even know there was such a place. This training facility is owned by the Olympic organization.

From the department of ridiculous looks, Jeff Goin wearing the helmet that he had -- an inherited free flight model that nobody ever claimed after it just showed up in my pile of stuff many years ago.

Tim Kaiser flies by the LZ. Wow is this a  great place!

Almost a silhouette of JC Perren trying to keep his tip clean.


2015 Jeff Goin   Remember: If there's air there, it should be flown in!