From Anesthesia to San Diego

2015-12-04 End of the country.   
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I'd rather spare the gory details but I had my my first experience with a general anesthetic. Nothing related to paragliding and I'm back in action. Turns out all is well, thankfully, but it's amazing how much happiness hinges on health. If it hurts, it's less fun, there's just no getting around it.

The white milky stuff they put you out with is good stuff. I wanted to count so they could tell me how far I counted then I would see if it jibed with my memory of counting. It was close. Starting from zero I made it into the low teens and the next thing I knew I was waking up.

Alas, we headed out for San Diego to rescue the Enterprise from storage and continue our trip starting off with an afternoon of soaring small at Little Black, a site just north of town.

Phil Russman doesn't do mornings so seeing him awake at this hour was photo worthy.


Given my work on the Instructing book it was fun and useful to watch Phil give Tim pointers. Tim did a bunch of kiting practice on the sloping launch which is different than on level land because of how the wing wants to overfly you. It's always trying to get essentially parallel to airflow which is paralleling the land.

Friends from long ago, Michael and Reginald, showed up. Michael soared his brand new Ozone Swift 4 for the first time and graciously let me take it for a romp. Nice ride, very efficient although I landed on the path a quarter way down and walked back up. You can see its soaring intent by the skinny risers and lines.

Phil soared the hill making multiple top landings and taking short little 50 foot sled flights from just above the hill to the launch area. I followed suit and loved it. I got three flights and a lot of playing around with the wing. This is more fun than just cruising back and forth in the lift. My last flight was when I followed Tim right after he launched. It was cool flying together like that even if briefly.

Phil nails a spot landing at the end of his hard day of soaring:




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