12-14 Drone Registration 

12/07 Impromptu Gathering 

12/06 Under the Bridge  

12-04 San Diego Little Black

12-02 Ozone @ GDC, Playing

11-03 Family Affair

10-21 West Hollywood  

10-20 Santa Barbara 

10-21 AM Hang Gliding 

10-18 Marshal 

10-17 Las Vegas  

10-15 Light Wind Indicators 

10-08 Surviving Youth  

10-04 Hardest Aircraft  

09-19 Coupe Icare 

09-11 France 

07-16 Albuquerque  

05-19 Launching In Memphis 

03-23 Paramotor + Inspire


Year three for Enterprise "C". One more year on the Chassis Warranty and the cruise control is starting to act up—not engaging all the time. We got everything else fixed so hopefully this will be easy.

Plans for this year include Sebring, the Endless Footdrag, and possibly a trip out West for the Summer. As always, it's subject to the winds of our whims.

We're still loving the View and are actually getting just over 15 mpg. It's not perfect—we've been stranded twice, both involving a tow after limping home or to a campsite. The first one was under warranty and didn't cost anything, the second one we had to pay for because it was faulty work done by the previous dealer (according to the Flagstaff dealer that did the work).


Interior shots of the new "aircraft carrier" Enterprise C.


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