Homeward Bound

2016-01-07 San Diego to Yuma  Next

Happy new year, it's time to go home.

For several weeks the Enterprise enjoyed Jeff Hamann's cool views overlooking El Cajon just East of San Diego. We left it in a December driving rain and yesterday arrived to another driving rain. That's OK, we had a blast in San Diego and see this as a way to avoid overstaying our welcome there. So after a final dinner with Jeff and Phil, we headed out. The view below was from where the Enterprise enjoyed San Diego for several weeks. Thanks Jefe.

The rain finally ended as we descended into the desert and sunshine burst onto a gorgeous mountainscape on Wed morning. The movie was on. That's the one playing on our 70" widescreen windshield every time we put this thing in motion and a few times when it's parked.


We stopped at one place on I-8 to see if it was soarable but the direction was wrong.

Next up I wanted to visit Pilot Knob, site of the kiting "ooops" that wound up being the start of Master Powered Paragliding 1. I did do some kiting, even climbed briefly on the motorhome but it was too light.

We stopped at a quirky attraction across the highway in Felicity, CA, the Museum of History in Granite. Fascinating. More for the story about one man's dream than the museum itself. Enormous expense was lavished on this memorial and educational place that is quite unique including a replica of the Catholic Church where the founder and his wife got married. It's not religious and the history is scientifically sound.

Next up was meeting Curtis Burnett and some of the Yuma paramotor pilots. There were 5 of us that showed up northeast of town in a big open area. Tim, Curtis and I flew until the winds picked up dramatically and the other two guys wisely begged off. I had taken off just before it went sour and landed right away, suggesting they might not like the air. Certainly I wasn't going up in it again. Jeremy let me kite his 1997 Trekking, something I wanted to try because it had been so long doing so. It was a good school kind of wing with very forgiving handling.



Tim makin' it look easy on the Spice.

Good pizza was had in one of the most hole-in-the-wall places I've been to. It was fun sitting at the counter chatting with the staff, right there on the other side, as they made our food and scurried about. Bernardos Pizza east of Yuma. I really like Dominoes, too, but you don't get this kind of experience.

This site is a great playground for all manner of off road vehicles. Ours is the most fun, of course, here Tim follows a track in the sand.

Tim keeps an eye on Curtis who is flying the blue Nucleon.

There was a road and a railroad. We kept some distance from the road but I played a bit on the tracks.

Near sunset the winds got strong and gusty. I was OK kiting the Viper but wasn't willing to climb the motorhome. Been there, got the bill.



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