Yuma to DAL

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This is research. Tim and I haven't done much flying this trip but it's fun visiting with so many people and seeing the country slide by.

We're gleaning input from as many experienced instructors as are able and willing to share their knowledge for the new book "Paramotor Instruction & Survival". That's just what I'm calling it now but probably won't be the final title. "Survival" refers to the student--a sad reality is that instruction seems to be the next most deadly part of flying paramotors behind drowning.

I really appreciate the support I've gotten so far. It motivates me to make sure this thing comes to fruition. From a commercial perspective it's a ridiculous project. There's no way we'll sell more than 100 per year of these things but my hope is that its benefit goes beyond its small distribution.

Bummer we missed Ryan Shaw who was up playing in the snow. Might as well do something with the cold.

We did catch up with Mo, Wayne, Susie and some of Tim's friend's and family, though. That's Jeff, Mark, Tim & Laura.


Mo Sheldon (below) is showing the quick-release on his tow quad for use in the Instructor book. I know there will be those who oppose this kind of towing, and it can indeed be extremely dangerous like any good tool, but so can any form of towing if not wielded well.

I rode with Mo down to Nogales and enjoyed these cloud caps. It was too cold and windy for living let alone flying.


Nogales stray crossing the road. We didn't win the lottery because of this. Just kidding--remember the whole critical thinking, evidence thing? Yeah.


Wayne & Susan Mitchler indulged my many questions plus it was fun just to catch up. I've known these guys since I first got into the sport.


We walked into Had's house only to find motor on the menu starting with a course of Top 80. He's into motors, repairs them, and knows many gory details. I learned some things as we talked about the many maladies that can afflict our little pushers. His wife, Marilyn, is a saint.

Had's wife Marilyn plays Piano (she taught it) so they have this gorgeous Yamaha baby grand that's kept nicely tuned. She wasn't there yet and I just couldn't resist trying out my recently-learned Desparado by the Eagles. Oh man did that thing sound nice, even with me playing it!


Side saddle reserves have some drawbacks as this melted mount clearly shows.


After dinner and interview with Had Robinson we slept nearby then got up early to head head east towards Dallas. It was way too chilly to fly.

We met a friend in Sierra Blanca for lunch and pressed on.

Pretty scenery continued for a couple hours then the oil fields started. Miles and miles of oil rigging: pumps, tanks, power lines. I've seen it all from the air so it was fun seeing it from the ground. Much of the time driving I'm working on the book but it's fun to take a break and see the landscape change.


We pulled off here to take a break and found it an interesting place of dereliction and, probably, depleted dreams.


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