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This is leg one of a planned journey to Nova Scotia. We'll be in Washington D.C. for the "Reason Rally", New York City for skating central park and then on to many hopeful flying sites, visiting with our Canadian friends. But for now, we're just getting to Raleigh where we'll fly back to FL.

Motorhome Drama

But first, there has been some drama.

Leaving the house a few weeks ago for Sun N Fun, Enterprise C went into "limp home mode." We'll call this impulse power (Star Trek fans will get it). It's not good, 180 anxious horses get reduced to 50 scrawny rats in a rusty wheel with no food. Pressing the gas pedal elicits mostly squealling laughter and a top speed of about 45 mph. That was until I figured out how to drive a 50 RP (Rat Power) motorhome. I actually coaxed it up to 65 mph on level ground.

Anyway, we decided to limp into Sun-N-Fun, leave it for the week, then take it to the dealership. So we did, enjoying the show and helping run the USPPA booth with Paul Czarnecki. It ended and we limped to Tampa. That trip is where I figured out you could get more out of it by shifting manually. Tim came and got me.

A few days later the dealership called and said they couldn't duplicate it. I explained that they needed 20+ mph to see the problem but, even after trying another test drive, they couldn't duplicate it. Dang.

Sure enough, when I came to fetch it (thanks John Faulkner for flying me there--see the sidebar) it was running fine. They said to bring it back when the problem happened again.

In the interim I bought a bluetooth OBD II reader ($15 from Amazon). Cars since 1996 have these ports to give sensor information and fault codes. My thought was that, when the problem happened again, I could see it real time, maybe even clear the code if that would get us to full power.

A week or so later Tim and I set out for Naples to visit my parents and, you guessed it, pulling out onto the main road from home, it wouldn't accelerate. I wanted to turn around and just get the car but Tim wisely suggested we drive to the dealership. The OBD II reader was already plugged in so I ran the program which showed an Exhaust Gas Regeneration fault. I left it there so they could see it and also didn't want to solve the problem temporarily by clearing the fault code, leaving us back in the same boat where they couldn't duplicate it.

The dealership, much to their credit, took us in right away to start troubleshooting. The smoking gun was a bad EGR Valve (here's more if you're bored) that was replaced and solved our problem. Yay. We were able to do our Naples Trip and the Enterprise's full power was restored. Moreover, she performed flawlessly there and back.

Onward to Beach Blast

This event is where pampered paramotor pilots go. Others do, too, of course--we stayed in the Enterprise at Racoon River Campground but many pilots luxuriated in the towers right above their launch site. That rocks. You take an elevator to launch. Really. That's not how other paramotor events work. They're usually out in a field, far from anything normal people would call entertainment. I'm not complaining, mind you, that distance also means immense freedom.

Anyway, it was a good time with really fun people from Thursday morning through Sunday noon.

Bad Apples

Next up was the "Bad Apples" paramotor group near Atlanta, GA. Here's that story.


John Faulkner wanted to refresh his soft field landings before landing at our soft field and I needed to pick up a motorhome.
So we went down to a long grass field, practiced those (he did fine) then went to TPA to get the motorhome. I figured there was a reasonable chance the problem would reappear and I would be flying back with John but, alas, the problem stayed hidden and I drove the Enterprise home.
The problem came back as described at left.

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