Paramotor Fairview, Almost

2016-05-18 Fairview, SC

This is the type of place you want.

We found it on an online sectional chart (is paper still available?) and put it on the GPS. Google earth showed some open areas and there weren't many airplanes to contend with. Perfect.

We were driving in and Tim said, "hey, lets launch from the abandoned road." I was in back, pecking away, and looked over. "Oooh yeah, that looks perfect." Then Tim asked "Is that a runway?" I looked again, thinking there was no way "No..." then I saw a runway light pass by. "uhhh, yeah, I guess it is!"

We pulled in, walked out beside the runway with extended arms to find a perfect little wind coming down the runway.

There was no fence, access was easy, the pavement needed mowing there was so much grass growing up, a southeast breeze oozed up the slight incline of runway 14, and the launch path was wide open. This rocked.

There was one more hurdle that would not be overcome. Storms were brewing to the northwest. If the closest one passed by and nothing formed behind it we would be fine. That wasn't to be. As I write this, a burgeoning red blob on the radar is imposing a wet darkness that I think we'll skip.

But the site looks beautiful for our craft!

Next time.


Before heading for the little airport we managed to skate on the nicest little park in downtown Greenville, SC. Here Tim pauses on a bridge.

© 2016 Jeff Goin & Tim Kaiser   Remember: If there's air there, it should be flown in!