Johnson Qu

2016-06-10 Some Airport In New Hampshire (Added 07/22)

After leaving Morningside, we met up with Johnson Qu, a paramotor instructor and paraglider pilot who lives near Manchester, NH. We went out for a little romp amongst the rolling hills and trees -- lots of trees, you'll see. Tim wasn't able to join us but he did enjoy the evening's beer consumption afterwards.


Johnson launching. The airport was perfect for a no winder--nice smooth grass.


Your's truly just before committing aviation.


He had a Moster 185, I'm on a Miniplane. Rolling hills are beautiful but if you're going to go down low, make sure you can climb up steeper than the upslope. That requirement kept me up higher. Plus, there are trees everywhere. Decent enough landing sites were indeed available but their small size made them harder to see until you were nearly overhead. Translation? I chickened out on flying low except in a very few places.





This was one of those few places where it was open enough and flat enough for met to play down low. I'm going to update my criteria to suggest bigger thrust to weight machines: hilly terrain.


Tim was kind enough to lay out a target for me.


Paramotor Car Carrier

This clever contraption is probably the best platform I've seen for ease of carrying. It's better than a the standard version because the frame tucks under a rail, negating the need for straps. You'd have one as a backup, and to reduce bending loads, but he's been traveling for quite a while without it.

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