Driveway Launch


The challenge is that, if the wing comes up even slightly crooked, you don't have space to accelerate before steering. It came up slightly crooked. Always learning. 2nd time was a charm.

This was the first time I've flown at home in probably a month. For whatever reason I've been flying the Hang Glider more, probably because the airplane has been gone and the hang glider has free reign on the hangar, making it accessible. Talk about lazy!

Love this little wing. Great handling, efficient, tiny. But it's not that small, really, at 18 sq meters it's the same size as my Viper. It just seems small. Of course I've felt the same way about my other primary wing and another 18 I've flown, an Apco, and probably a half dozen others. Manufacturers have figured out what makes them handle well and a lot of different models are joys to fly. The next thing will be making more out of the lightweight fabrics if they hold up well enough to suit motor pilot needs.

There was nary a whiff of wind so the run was fun. Lickity split. There is something weirdly satisfying about coaxing enough lift from the wing while sprinting at full tilt, then skimming along, easing off brakes, accelerating to climb speed then backing off the throttle to fly level.

Nope, not a lot of room to fix crooked.




That's how the wing came down, ready for folding. Oh if only I could that by plan but, in this condition, with a very slight tailwind, I'll confess it was pure luck. I cheated and landed with power, killing it just before touchdown, and having an epic slide in the wet grass.

For a guy who hates the cold being able to launch in a tank top in the morning rocks.

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