Morningside Flight Park


We didn't get to fly here last time. What a beautiful place! Wonderful folks, too.

Tim and I launched late. Poor Tim got the bad end of light and variable air, including a stoutish tailwind after he setup. His launch was brilliant but, by then, it had gotten bumpy. Not by soaring standards but it wasn't the glassy goodness we enjoy under power.

I may get in some hang gliding if their student load allows and maybe even a sled ride off the hill. We'll see.

It's nice to start off an Enterprise trip with flight. Light and variable sucks. I waited probably several minute and finally launched with a light crosswind then proceeded to run at least as fast as I've ever run before. Thankfully they've got a beautifully manicured runway that made it easy.


I did 2 free flights off the 250 then 450, two more paramotor flights and went for two hang glider flights with Josh. My last paramotor launch wound up getting tripped up over a burm for the runway that I didn't see. Bummer. Tim enjoyed a beautiful evening glassoff.

This south facing launch turned out to work but it was the 3rd layout iteration that finally allowed launching without a tailwind. Kudos to Tim for making the first try in challenging conditions. He earned this one!

I couldn't resist. These two look alike but check out the sign. This is what it SHOULD have said.

The flight park is behind us. Remember, this is Wednesday and they have this much going on.

1. When we arrived this student was doing a beautiful forward in a very light breeze. Nicely done.
2. Tim & I shared a brief flight exploring the immediate surroundings. Morningside is motor friendly but they have some sensitive neighbors--not surprising given the amount of flying that's done here. A waiver and briefing are required before flying.

© 2016 Jeff Goin & Tim Kaiser   Remember: If there's air there, it should be flown in!