Too Many Motors To Count

2016-07-14 Fredricton, NB, Canada

The paramotor is just one of many, MANY gas motors that answer to Mark Dean.

Here alone there were probably a dozen within sight of the Enterprise and more are kept elsewhere. One of them looks like it would be home on a road grading project--a  largish . Paramotor man Mark Dean, wife Carolyn and daughters have carved out a great place here with their daughters. Tim & I didn't even get to see the cool launch site they call the camp about an hour away. Bummer.

We almost missed but the coordination gods smiled and we even got to hang out with Real Robichaud. Breakfast was awesome, too, and we appreciated the plug and MANY internet bits. Hopefully next time we'll be able to share air.



Jeff, Tim Dean, Carolyn, Real in front of Dean's melted ice skating rink.


Before heading out we skated Fredericton. What a beautiful little city. We also talked to a local TV cameraman who was out getting B-roll for their evening weather program. Everybody wonders about the direction TV will go with the Internet's rampant rise. Hopefully good journalism does die a victim's death.


I couldn't work as much as I thought. The movie played out our front window. This is gorgeous country with many miles of well-maintained highways.


Tim Captains the Enterprise most of the time but, every now and then, he lets me drive.


Heading into this ugly white room we stopped for gas and a look at the radar. It confirmed our Mark I Eyeballs assessment of badness. We waited the thing out at Tim Horton's, suckling internet (thanks).

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