Mother of Invention   

2016-07-15 Phone Cradle

While Tim is helming the Enterprise I'm frequently in back working on my project du jour. I use that term because we're in Quebec and it sounds French. Sometimes Tim needs me to look something up on the phone's Map which is a pain because of the charging cord and view angle. A minor problem, to be sure, but I had some wood leftover from a recent prop repair and an idea.

 I put our wood working tools to use. Admittedly, I probably should have waited til we stopped but I wanted it NOW. So I got to drawing, then cutting, then gluing and, within about 30 minutes, had my phone holder. It didn't work at first so I glued on some modifications.

Ahhh, now it works brilliantly! I tape it to the table, like everything else here, and it works better yet.

Version 2 will be even better. It'll take a different piece of scrap wood that I think we may have. Improvements will be:

  1.  The point at the bottom will be open so I can get at both the charge cord and center button easier.
  2. I know the dimensions necessary for balance now and can cut the wood accordingly. As long as it hooks the phone at its base, I don't need the upper extensions.
  3. The hooks on this one are probably a bit fragile so I'll make those a little thicker.

I'm not motivated enough at the moment but, if version 1 breaks, I probably will be.

OK, I should probably get off of Tim's phone internet.

Version 1 is working great. Version 2, if it gets made, will be even better. Maybe I'll even paint it black.

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