Quebec City

2016-07-16 A Tiny Experience in Canada's Frenchest City

What a fun little visit with David Sigier, his parents and kids on a premier little airport dedicated to paramotor and gyrocopter. I could land our Bonanza here.

On the way we came on a small park where kitesurfing was being practiced. These guys were pretty good, frequently getting airborne and landing with the board pointed properly. I know little about the sport but can imagine a few skills that are hard to come by and necessary for survival.

One fellow I talked with afterwards made an interesting comment, saying that it was one of the easier things he picked up. He took 3 hours of training then developed skills on his own, arriving to this, pretty high, level in 7 years. If only it didn't require water. Water's cold.

Pull to power. Sounds easy but there's a lot more than meets the eye. Keeping the kite in the "power zone," moving at the right speed and angle while minding the waves is something to get used to. Yeah, that'll take practice.


But when it works...


We enjoyed a warm reception by Eric, David's dad. Soon after David showed up and showed us around.


They have built a large hangar for all manner of craft but primarily gyrocopters. Really nice gyrocopters.


This is the French book on powered paragliding, in its 3rd edition, that predated mine by at least 3 years. I met the author several years ago in Basse Ham and we talked about the process, which was fun.


Eric has a remarkably organized maintenance shop for paramotor. Each color is a different engine.


It's a family affair. That's David's two kids bookending David, his Dad and Mom.

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