Montreal 2, Les Boyz

2016-07-18 City to Eric Dufour's Paramotor Haven

We got to join the Eric, Elisabeth, and local pilots for dinner since the weather didn't cooperate at their field. Great group, we really enjoyed out time while solving all the world's problems.


Getting there proved more challenging than usual.
Driving along the highway we saw a tent and windsock but couldn't get to them. When we found the "Paratour" we figured that was the way but we got to a closed gate. So we drove down to where we figured the tent was and, sure enough, we got there, arriving amidst a bunch of R/C pilots prepping their gigantic craft.
Clearly this not who we were looking for.
I got out, asked "Parle Anglais?" to which the first reply was "you're lost." Yup, they parle. We had a great laugh at our expense, chatted for a few minutes, then headed off in the right direction.

The sign.

The R/Cers


Eric soon showed up at the gate on his motorcycle and we went to the field. It was windy, bumpy and we didn't need it that bad so we left to meet Elisabeth.  

Eric and Elisabeth enjoying their time here in style.


Sitting at the restaurant we got some entertainment from hot air balloons launching accross the street. It was windy. I took a brief video to record their rapid cruise across this building. This was a busy commercial operator.


Here you can see them inflating. They probably poured a lot of heat in before releasing to insure climbing out of this field with all the wind.


A plentiful collection of Quebec pilots to enjoy dinner with.

Turns out most of us had Samsung Note phones when we piled them all together.

Back at the house with the Enterprise parked alongside. And they had a piano. The following morning Eric and I cobbled together some chord progressions with him on guitar and me on piano. That was fun.


I looked up the airspace and it was clear. It wasn't until the next morning, though, that I realized how narrow their corridor is between D airspaces.

© 2016 Jeff Goin & Tim Kaiser   Remember: If there's air there, it should be flown in!