Montreal 3: Air

2016-07-18 Getting Air

At dinner the day before we decided to meet at the field. It was already pretty windy when we arrived at 0730 so I did my usual test to see if I was willing to fly. It was work but I was able to pretty easily keep the wing up, overhead, and open so I would be willing but it wouldn't be fun and decided not to.

While sitting around talking, someone pointed out how nice the view of Montreal would be. Hmmm. Maybe a short one with the camera?

The group of those who hoped to Fly. I'm still wearing my kiting helmet.


It was work but I did manage to get some shots.


I did a little photoshop work to the clubhouse. Thanks to Eric & Elisabeth for their hospitality and Les Boyz for theirs.

Their field is on the chart. That's cool and not very common. In the U.S. we don't have any paramotor-only fields on a sectional chart in the entire country.

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