Toronto In The Last Days

2016-07-20 Mete From Turkey and His City

So many great people & places. So little time.

Our last day has been made courtesy of Meta, Julia and their two gorgeous kids.

Yesterday we made it to Toronto, skated the Park the met with Mete, the fun, fast talking and fascinating Canadian Turk. After dinner at the park we returned to his house. Cool place that includes a giant tree fort--befitting someone whose livelihood is million dollar remodels and office interiors. Its no wonder the house is so nice. It's like one of those movies where you walk into what looks like a small place it it just keeps on going, and going...

Then there's the motor madness out back. See below.

I even played Chess for the first time in 15+ years.

This morning we checked out his sailboat and bought a pedal for his daugter's piano. And I got to play again, too. One thing I miss on the motorhome is being able to hack at the keys. We now have a leisurly trip to Buffalo, probably crossing through Niagra sometime tonight after dinner there.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to fly in Toronto, but we sure enjoyed the visit.

Paramotor People of Canada, you've been awesome. Thanks for showing Tim & I incredible hospitality and and a damned good time.

Black Squirrel. Never seen one. 

Woodbine Beach


Hanging out in the parking lot at Woodbine beach before having dinner down there. 

Driving through Toronto. We wanted to go up in the CN Tower but it didn't work out.

The man and his motors. There are more flying machines here than meets the eye.

Check out that tree fort. 

Ashley is learning to play chess so we had a game of it. I'm enjoying that brief moment in time when I can beat her. It has been 15+ years since I played but it mostly came back.

The Enterprise in front of their place. Ultimate convenience bringing our house to their house.

Salmon Run.


Day 2: Park & Boat

After some tasty breakfast kibbles we took to yet another pretty little walking path to check out their MacGregor 26 Sailboat and hang out. These are some fun, adventurous folks.

The clan. Meta, Jasmine, Ashley and wife Julia. Charlie sniffed crotches underfoot.


Guard dog Charlie will lick-to-death any criminal that dares threaten his family. The path to Lake Ontario is well "marked" by him.


Wildlife included this vulture dining on something that will no longer be dining on anything. Scenic Humber Park follows the Humber River all they way to Lake Ontario. It's almost immediately behind their house, maybe 2 rows of houses away.


That bridge above us? It's the Toronto subway emptying out here at a park near there house. Very handy for them to go into downtown.


Mete points to the fabric sign made to a look like wood. They even let us in.


We're learning a lot about marina life and find there are many flavors. Here people lease a dock but that includes the land right in front. Very cool. Very RV Campground like. Marinas are the RV parks of mariners.


On the boat, a very clever use of space makes this towable sailboat. They spent 21 days aboard this craft in Florida one year.

In the sailboat looking aft.

Looking forward with Mete beside the Lav.


Steal Our Jacket
Several years ago, on another Enterprise trip, I forgot this jacket and left it sitting on a sign in Salt Lake City at the flight park. It's the main sign describing the park so it was seen by many hundreds of people and nobody took it. For OVER ONE FULL MONTH!
It was in rough shape even before but now it was totally wasted. Rain, sun and heat left their mark. Imagine our surprise to come back on the next segment, go there to fly and see that Jacket.
Now it's time to retire it so we're going to start leaving it hanging on the motorhome just as entertainment to see if anyone takes it.

© 2016 Jeff Goin & Tim Kaiser   Remember: If there's air there, it should be flown in!