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2016-07-21 Crossing The Border but unable to fly home

This trip was so much fun we were a bit sad to leave Canada. It's always refreshing, though, to get on home turf. If only we could get all the way home.

Unfortunately, our airline return plans have been thrashed by an airline computer glitch so we're spending our morning in Buffalo then driving to CLE. Tim has a ticket and I'll try to jumpseat. I'd hate to be the guy who forgot to click "accept" when turning on the airline's computers.

Given that we no longer have to be at the airport before sanity starts, we'll lolligag into a morning paramotor cruise north of Buffalo's C airspace. Of course we'll still start pretty early but at least the sun will be up for a while. Yeah, sunrise is a nice time to fly, but it's cold (<70) and dark.


We love what they did with their water attraction.


On the American side you take "Maid of the Mist" boats and wear blue ponchos.


On the Canadian side you take "Hornblower" boats and wear red ponchos. Go figure.


It was spectacular. We originally had no plan to do this but opportunity knocked and it was worth it. These sylin' red ponchos came with a boat trip.


At times you could see double rainbows in the mist. That's Rainbow bridge behind us that would be our road into the U.S. in an hour or so.

Just another perspective. 

At the border. A guy came to the door and started asking about our trip. "You just leave this at airports?" Yup, been doin' it for years. "Wow, sounds like fun, have a great time."

The Niagra river was a fun bridge. It goes WAY high to allow for mega freighters. 

We found a paramotor site, parked and called it a night. Then I created this page. Here's hoping for good morning air! 


Our chosen industrial area is barely clear of the C boundary for Buffalo but we just can't go south.

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