Swansong in Mansfield

2016-08-10 Last Time at Home

My childhood home has been sold and my parents are moving out of their condo for good. It's possible this will be my last time in Mansfield, OH and I couldn't resist taking one more flight. It turned out to be magical.

Hooking in. There's plenty of room but a turn just after launch will be required.


Doing a runup to make sure Mr. Motor is sufficiently pushy.


Here goes...


The new perspective.


Heading towards my parents condo on Trimble road. This is the Veterans hospital.



The family home where I grew up is hidden in there.


In case I forget what town I'm in. Wandering only over uncongested areas leaves a random looking flight path.


Thermodisc and my K-12 school.


Music is playing. It's almost serene.


Heading south towards I-71 and SR 13. Shortly after this picture was taken an unusual vibration motivated me to land; vibrations usually mean something more expensive is about to happen. The sidebar has an after-landing shot.


After a vibration started I decided to land. It has proven way more expensive to let these things go than to land and check them out. Thankfully it was just a piece of repaired prop that came off.

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