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2016-09-09 Wings and Explosions

It's possibly the longest running paramotor fly-in we have in the U.S. and certainly the best value. I don't know how they do it. For $30 you get to camp, fly, and eat. Forget the paramotor flying and just come camp and eat! We pay more than that for one night at many campgrounds. Writing about it now I feel guilty: we got to do all that AND fly right from the Enterprise's front door.

And it includes a great fireworks display by Kevin Sage and company that is part of Scottsburg's entertainment. Many residents come out Saturday evening to watch butt-fan flying and then fireworks.

Tim & I planned our Enterprise travels around the event and were glad we did. Horrible weather was forecast but it turned out that we flew morning and evening of EVERY DAY.

Owners Larry and Tom are extremely generous in opening up their gorgeous airport which closes so we can line campers up down the entire length of the runway and, this year, it was needed. They were also a blast. Tim & I enjoyed visiting with them including a fun little session of music.

I enjoyed seeing and meeting so many pilots, we have an incredible group of people in our sport.


Brandon Oberlin (right) is one of, if not the main mover in putting together what has become a very large gathering. Steve Scott was out on the field keeping things going smoothly as possible given the cat herding nature of it.


Larry (standing right) and his partner Tom (driving) own the airport and put up with us for four days, closing their field to other traffic during that time.


Kevin Sage (driving) puts together an impressive fireworks show. Other fireworks happen that involve shooting Roman Candles at each other. So far, amazingly, there have been no injuries from this little battle. "You're gonna put someone's eye out with that thing!" still rattles around in my brain when I watch this.


The main Rat. Andy of the "SkyRats" was among many groups that made the journey.


They say cart launching is easy but really?


There were a number of electric powered personal transporters but this won as the most practical. It's a Segway miniPro. It's small enough to go easily in motorhome storage, fast enough to beat walking, and with enough range to be practical. Ben Teaford from Florida is modeling it.


Bobby Benn put on a show with his Pap Trike and Paramanias.


Nowhere else will you find this propping up a tent pole.


Given a really horrible forecast the weather was surprisingly good. We flew every morning and evening. Friday we flew nearly all day.


Tim & I are getting ready for our first flight (and Tim's only). Turned out nice.


Movie night 1 included bloopers and others from Tim Gaskins. Movie night 2 was the premier of Eric Farewell's Paradigm Oshkosh Airshow.


Lance fixed at least 3 top 80's and several other motors. While he is indeed Mr. Top 80 he'll fix just about anything with moving parts.


Larry (left) and Tom (right) put on a little music show. Fun couple.


Few fly ins have this much convenience. The farthest you'll be from launch is across the runway.


Finally. Someone has figured out how to make a decent gas spout that also meets the new regulations. I've got one of the "push to dispense" designs that causes way more spillage than if I had the old style.


Some overviews of the action.



Evan Purdy gets Tim going on his hoverboard.


Ziggy demonstrates a full Segway knock off that worked easily well enough to justify its MUCH lower cost.


Tim did a nice reverse.



Tim & I were had visited his Mom and Sister before heading East with a storm trailing us the whole way. Every time we stopped it would start raining so it felt like we were dragging nasty weather to Scottsburg.

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