The Ride Home

2016-09-15 From Scottsburg to Home

So ends our 5 month sojourn. Heading home from the Indiana Air Hogs we stopped to smell the roses or, as the first day shows, fly over them.

Monday Sept 12. We got off the road to see about visiting a distillery but Tim noticed this field. Ooooh yeah, that'll do. Taking off in the direction behind me would have been nice but, unfortunately, the wind was oozing from the west (my right in the picture). Still plenty of room but  requiring a turn.


Tim getting ready to launch. The winds were light and variable so we picked what seemed like the prevailing direction and set up into it. That worked out as we both had what felt like very slight headwinds making for easy takeoffs. Still, there wasn't as much room as it looked with us being on smallish wings and we had to turn right away to circle out of the field. We weren't worried about it, but it kept our attention during initial climb. Thankfully there was nobody playing in the soccer fields so we didn't have to add avoidance to the mix.


Tim circling out.


We fueled for a 1.5 hour flight and went exploring. This was one huge expanse of the sorriest looking beans I've seen. Unloved, they seem.


I radioed Tim to fly by this nice neighborhood for pictures but we only did it once to avoid buzzing like a bee.


On the other side of Interstae 24 was this huge area used for the Bonnaroo Arts Festival. I only know that because I looked it up on Google maps. I was wondering what all those colorful barrels started life and if their color was painted on later.


This is weird. Sitting out in the middle of a field is this rusting hulk with continents cut out. I can imagine a source of light inside and the thing rotating but sure doesn't fit the surroundings. It's probably 6 feet tall. Tim had already landed but I wasn't done yet so I put the music on and headed off across the highway.


On the way back I couldn't find the launch site. I wasn't worried since options abound and I had my phone, but it was strange that I even had to think about it. I did have to climb up a bit to see it. Part of what thew me is that it looked so large from the ground but so small from the air.


Landing on gravel is better if you slide.


Tuesday, Sept 12

Monday night after flying we found this Manchester KOA campground. If all KOA's are this nice we'll be spending the extra money. Plus it had super fast internet.


Yes, I've seen the sign before but it earned another chuckle so I'm sharing.


Driving into Chattanooga was a beautiful ride. Sorry I missed most of it sitting int he back working on projects.


We had some maintenance done to the Enterprise. It has a wheel-imbalance kind of vibration and the tires have been on for quite a while (fronts are new) so it was time to replace.


Joe and Linda Hall came to fetch us and show us around Chattanooga a bit. Joe is a paramotor pilot who I met in California; they moved from San Diego.


Stone Mountain

Sept 14 Wed I've wanted to hike Stone Mountain near Atlanta, GA for over 20 years, ever since the first time I flew airliners in here. It sticks up unnaturally from the surface because it's hard granite and the surrounding surface eroded away quicker so that, over millions of years, it got exposed. 20 million years ago (give or take a few months) it was magma then, after hardening, became the hard granite we see now. Geology is so cool in how it's like solving a murder case, looking at chemical makeup of the minerals, wear rates, rock dates where available, and surveys of surrounding rocks.


Tim stands atop Stone Mountain by the government marker for what is presumably the highest point.


The back side has a gorgeous lake.




I wish I'd known this was back here. The Manchester, TN KOA Campground we stayed at was really nice. Plus it had great internet which is far more important than cable since we don't watch TV on the road.
This would have been launchable although I have no idea if the owners would have allowed it. "Can I fly my kite back in the grassy area?"

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