Back At Last

2016-09-15 Final Flight and Return Home

We got into Florida, ate at our favorite restaurant and fell sound asleep in the parking lot. That's common. Usually we get some work done on the computers then hit the wall of wakefulness and call it a night right there. I marvel at how soundly sleep comes in the Enterprise. The one downer was a beggar who started banging on the motorhome at 3 AM. At first I figured it was someone asking us to move but it quickly became obvious it was someone asking for money. "really, you wake us up in the middle of the night and ask for money?". Uggh.

Alas we were able to fall back asleep and got on the road early. Only 2 hours to home and there was one more place we wanted to fly: some hills near Groveland. An uncompleted development provided the necessary surface, unfinished though it was. Tim took the "grass" and I took the road.

It turned out to be a beautiful finish to an incredible trip. If we never go out on the motorhome again we've done more than I ever imagined.


Weird thing about this site: no fire ants. And we were looking. In a state where nearly everything stings or bites these things are among the most voracious, malevolent creatures served up but evolution so we were pleasantly surprised by their absence. They're not native, either, but they sure have thrived. The "grass" was long with small trees growing but we removed the worst offenders right by the wing.


Once aloft it was beautiful with very lightly rolling hills and the many lakes Florida is famous fore.


We came across this apparently abandoned mansion. There's a quarter million dollars in DRIVEWAY here. Look at that bridge, the sidewalks, the bulwarks and, of course, the drive itself. We saw no signs of life and clearly the pool hasn't been maintained in probably several years. I can imagine some horrendous divorce story here.


We did some video, too, and if I get motivated I'll slice together 60 seconds of that or so.


After flying we were only 36 minutes from home and this Red Wing restaurant was right on the way. We've heard about it from several neighbors and finally tried it out. Delicious! That's the owner there who was quite welcoming.


After arriving home we tucked the Enterprise into its dry dock, plugged it in and called the trip complete. Wow, what a ride.

© 2016 Jeff Goin & Tim Kaiser   Remember: If there's air there, it should be flown in!