11-02 Sportsball?

10-18 Instructor

09-15 Back At Last

09-14 The Ride Home

09-09 Indy Air Hogs

08-16 Return To Polo

08-11 Swansong in MFD

08-10 Cool in Cleveland

07-30 Florida Flash Mob

07-21 Ratty in BUF

07-21 Return to Meltdown

07-20 Toronto

07-18 Montreal 3: Air

07-17 Montreal 2: Les Boyz

07-17 Montreal 1

07-16 Quebec City in Micro

07-15 Mother Necessity

07-14 Fredericton

07-13 Moncton's Bent Tree

07-12 Prince Edward Island

07-10 Maine then Canada

07-06 Morningside

06-29 Flanders

06-11 Johnson Qu

06-10 RDU to MHT

05-21 Home to RDU

05-18 Almost Flight

05-17 Bad Apples

05-05 Final Flight

04-30 Passionate People

04-01 Lizard Sex

03-21 Benson Days Gyro

02-18 HOU to Home

03-22 Palm Bay, FL

02-15 DAL to HOU

01-23 Sebring Expo

01-07 San Diego

01-11 SAN-DAL

Year four for Enterprise "C". The warrantee is up and we've been towed twice, once for a wheel sensor failure and another due an improperly installed air filter. Even though that was regular maintenance done by the dealership, the warrantee wouldn't cover it at another dealership where we got towed to. Uggh.

We've got an ambitious plan, hoping to get up to Nova Scotia, through Canada to Niagra Falls, Ohio, Chicago, maybe Michigan, Oshkosh, and hopefully the Indy Air Hogs event before returning home in late Sept. The following year we're gonna keep the Enterprise in FL for local trips. At least that's our thinking as of May 2016


Interior shots of the new "aircraft carrier" Enterprise C. 

© 2016 Jeff Goin & Tim Kaiser   Remember: If there's air there, it should be flown in!