Seeing Things


On my first work trip of 2017 I walk off the airplane in El Paso to look for food. Heading down the concourse, just after leaving our gate area, I walk by this sign. At first it didn't register--I had ot go back for a double take. Turns out it didn't look exactly as my first glance suggested but this is what my imagination turned it into.

Part of it may be that I've been working with Eric Dufour so his name and business have been more prominent in my head. Mostly it's my brain, like all brains, pushing stimuli through the strainer of experience. Kinda fascinating, really.

If you ever get to El Paso on a Southwest flight be sure to look for this sign just after you get off the airplane. You'll see what I mean.

Progress on Instructor Book

I continue pressing ahead in spite of many intervening distractions, mostly due to Tim, but also holiday doings and people of the fun. I'm on the last few chapters but two chapters will require more research if they're to be included.


No, it's definitely not all roses and kittens but the job has its fair share of cool moments. Taking off out of El Paso just before sunrise was one of them as you can see from the image on the sidebar. Of course there are times when you really want to be lounging by the pool in Polk City but then that's why it's work.

"If you gotta work..."

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