Palm Bay

2018-03-16 Fly-In

Another hoot in the bag. It was great to see, meet, and fly with so many fun people.

Weather was gorgeous albeit a bit on the windy side. Mornings still provided a cool calm with smooth air, ramping up quickly after about 9am. I don't do cold so I waited until it warmed up a bit Saturday morning, trading smooth cool for warm and lumpy. A few of the risk-tolerant flew at mid-day.

Flying the several square miles of flatland grass and road mix known as "GDC" is always fun.

Thanks to Mike Britt, CC Moisan, and Marty Hathaway for the awesome fondue dinner Friday night, and sorry for being  a "Shish Kabobber."

Tim & I enjoyed seeing Don Jordan's place. Don was a Navy Fighter pilot who went to American Airlines for 20+ years, retired and took up paramotor. He became an instructor and continues to fly and teach foot launch paramotor. He's 82 years old and doesn't own a wheeled machine. Damn. My goal was to be taking solid food at that age; I'll have to up my game!

Thanks to the Palm Bay Explorers for putting this on! They're already planning it for next year after having the best turnout yet, of 112 registered pilots. Here's hoping they pull it off again next year. Unfortunately we won't have the Enterprise since it will likely be on a long trip.


Look up! He knew something was up and circled back right away, landing uneventfully.


I took off with a telephoto lens that turned out not to be appropriate. So I radioed Tim who graciously brought our wide angle out. But I had to test it, right?


That after-landing glow.


Doing a fly-by while Tim snapped pictures.


Michelle may be a bad apple, but she's the sweetest fruit around! A Delta Pilot and instructor to boot. Tim calls this my most Jim Carey look to date.


This was cool. We're lucky to live in a country where we can live relatively free of government interference in our lives.


The Enterprise parked next to Michell's awesome trailer.


The compound near sunset on Friday.


Saturday evening.


These guys were flying R/C to the South of us. I landed to talk with them.


A random photo victim, targeted because of his colorful wing.


Tim getting ready.


Tim launching.


Eric Farewell flew his Piper Cub in and offered rides. It's the perfect airplane for the job.

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