Freedom Tour Begins!

2018-06-07 The Book Is DONE. Lets go have fun.

Finally. The book (Paraglider & Paramotor Instructor) is done. But it still isn't completely done with me. As of this writing the printer has it in "prepress" and we have one more approval. Hopefully by tommorrow afternoon that will be done and printing can start. The clock begins ticking on a June 29 delivery.

After a 2 year hiatus of Enterprise trips, we headed out with Mount Rushmore, Jackson Hole, and eventually Seattle. We'll do it over 3 or so 10-day trips, flying when opportunity knocks and enjoying whatever else pops up along the way.

The book got another pound of flesh out of us since we had to work on problems we found in the above-mentioned prepress pain. Our grand plan of spending some flight time had to be nixed. We finally started making miles and left the state a full day after we left.

First up was this place, found by looking at Google maps in satellite mode. Apparently they knew we were coming.


Our launch site was a development that has a ways to go, but they harvest hay from unused land here and we lucked out with timing. I've just launched and Tim is getting ready. The Enterprise has a white truck behind it. More on that below.


This fellow pulled up so I walked up, killing him with kindness and enthusing over our impending flight. Turns out he was worried we were coming back here to dump. "Nope, she just took her big dump and gulp at the KOA campground down the road." He thought it looked cool and stuck around to record our launches.


Tim shortly after takeoff, turning to follow the field. There was one time during this flight when I had a few seconds of "don't quit me know little 80!"


Tim relaxing.


Calm, no-hands flying was the rule of the evening. We got our fill before sunset so timing was perfect.


Any guesses? At this point we were keeping our distance because it looked like a prison.



Lots of trees meant climbing up kinda high to get between patches of farmland.


OK, this is a good clue as to where we were.


Ahhhhh. Time for ice cream!


After many back and forth's on preflight issues then other things that we noticed, final approval for print was given on Friday morning. Printing can now begin. Yaaaaayyyy!

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