This is a log of the paramotorhome "Enterprise" and its continuing mission to seek out new sites, new heights, and new experiences, to see our fragile planet from a new perspective and to fly from more places than otherwise possible. Life's short, live high, leave people better than you found 'em!

Powered paragliding has provided a life-changing interest in flying with mankind's most portable aircraft. So much so that on December 31, 2001  I bought a motor home with the intent to travel the country in two years. It would be a testóif I liked it, I'd keep traveling. Obviously, I liked it. Two motorhomes later, the trek continues.

The original Enterprise is pictured below in front of "Enterprise B", a Gulfstream BT Cruiser. It sleeps the same number of people but has twice the room and much greater "lingering" capacity due to larger tanks. Solar panels reduce most generator use and an inverter powers the AC outlets to feed the sprawling gadget collection. 

Bathroom humor alert: If anyone asks what you find in the Enterprise' lavatory, the answer is: The captain's log. Sorry, blame that on eon Dave in Panama city.

Left column. 1. Enterprise A and B share the driveway one last time. 2. Don Jordan poses on the way from Chicago to Albuquerque. 3. Kitchen? Well, the burners are great for melting nylon line. 

Center column: 1. Kiting up, 2. Jeff Goin getting ready to kite. 3. Flying by as Tim Kaiser gets ready to launch.

Right column: Enterprise as a jungle gym. Desert  gym in this case. I kited up the windshield then leapt into free-flight. Short but sweet. Someday I'll land on it like Jeff Hamann's hummer (see the Diet Coke commercial). Hey, it was, after all, named after the Enterprise aircraft carrier!. 

Photos by Jeff Goin and Tim Kaiser.



¬© 2016 Jeff Goin & Tim Kaiser   Remember: If there's air there, it should be flown in!